Lucy Reynolds | Certified CPCC Co-Active Coach

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Part I (2-Week Workshop)

Topic: “Being & Becoming” with Lucy Reynolds (certified CPCC Co-Active Coach)

Date: “Being”- Apr. 13th (Wed) & “Becoming” – Apr. 20th (Wed.)

Time: 7:30pm-9pm

Tuition: 20,000yen for both (12,000yen for one class)



*Content is subject to change

Part I  A) Apr. 13th  (“Being”)

7:15pm: Door Open

7:30pm: Welcome and Introduction: What is COACHING; The power of CHOICE; The art of gaining PERSPECTIVE.

7:45pm: Mining for “Values”… What are Values? How are our Values used as road signs to keep us on the path of fulfillment on our life’s journey? Think of this as time spent re-acquainting yourself with who you are at your core through the uses of “Best Moments” visualizations.

8:15pm: Coaching around “Values”

8:25pm: Breakout session: Time spent acknowledging, taking ownership and celebrating the values discovered.

8:45pm: Bringing it all together & setting up Session II: “Becoming” where we will put into action the power of living a life on purpose by honoring our core values.

8:55pm: Q&A

9pm: The End!


Part I B) *Individual Skype Session  (“Becoming”)

Quick Recap from Session I

 Living life in harmony with our values: “Wheel of Life” exploration. What areas of your life would you like to live more in balance with your values?

Sample coaching session coming out of exploration.

 “Time Traveler” visualization.

 Bringing it all together and wrapping it up.

Q & A


*All workshops will be held at Concept Studio Veda 2F 4-17-3 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo (090-3962-9646)


For questions and/or reservations, please write to us at with the title of the workshop in the subject line, including your full name and phone number.