Here is some feedback from the participants of Find Your Element workshops.

Attending your workshop was the best thing I've done in months... thank you for making a place where no matter what the day or mood,  one walks away feeling as if you made a huge step forward!


You’ve created a beautiful circle of life and sharing among all age groups and types of peoples, really transcending all kinds of borders to just have a warm humanity fill the room among people who are looking to make themselves and the world a better place... to be in that intimate a setting with someone like him is a unique luxury evening. In the "non-FYE world", I'm sure a talk from him is in the thousands of dollars. And it would never be that personal. Thank you so much for the extremely special evening!


I give a 10, because we can't give a 20!!! As expected, it was very interesting and very fascinating! I am looking forward to more!


Refreshing to experience in Japan, since I just moved here this spring! Very glad to have attended.


Observe...breathe...been doing it all day, with intent and inner focus...gotta keep that going...Thank you, thank you, Find Your Element!!


This workshop brought power to experiential learning and non-verbal communication. It was an incredibly powerful workshop!


CURIOSITY...that is the magic word we learned tonight... and also, trusting your gut about following positivity and trying new things. Though that kind of stuff challenges me, they energize me at the same time!


...an amazing speaker – passionate, inspiring, informative, analytical, humorous, pensive and generous. Gifted beyond words!