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aya-yoshikawa-profile-photoAya McCrindle
Inframince Co., Ltd. CEO
Find Your Element Workshop Founder

Born and raised in Japan, Aya has a Master’s Degree in Education from Temple University and a BA in Literature from Sophia University where she graduated on the Dean’s List. She started her own model agency at 27 and has been running it for nearly two decades; under her stewardship, the number of models jumped from 4 to 50, and the client list increased from 50 to over 5,000. Due to the shift in her priorities however, she no longer felt fulfilled in the model industry so she spent 8 months researching what she wanted to do after retiring from the agency business. During this time, Aya discovered her own Element as a Connector: she was empassioned to share what all she has learned from friends she was blessed with in her life who are experts from various fields. Since, she has been devoting all of her time to FYE  to remind us through them that there is nothing we cannot achieve in life – we just need to learn how.


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Roice N. Krueger
Co-Founder of Franklin Covey (“The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”) / Management & Leadership Consultant / Author





Singer Songwriter/ Model




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Daisuke Sugiyama
INTERLITERACY® Founder / Business Producer




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Melody Yoko Reilly
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Musician / Artist / Flower Alchemist / Facilitator