Tanja Bach

Work: Founder of Contents Bridge KK / Facilitator / Coach / Mentor / Optimist / Mother of teenagers www.contentsbridge.jp 

Tanja is a Tokyo-based trilingual management consultant, trainer/facilitator and coach. Her passion is to empower and inspire her clients to reach their full potential in multi-cultural and global environments, with a focus on leadership development, communication and individual and organizational change.

Tanja works with leaders in the private, public and non-profit sectors, and consults with clients across various industries including financial services, FMCG, pharmaceuticals, IT/communications, manufacturing and retail. She has extensive experience in cross-cultural issues having worked across Asia, Europe and US.

On the weekends, you usually find her near a baseball field in her role as committed Baseball-Mother, or hiking and exploring hidden green areas around Tokyo, or even with her nose stuck in a book. 

With a strong belief that every person already has the perfect ingredients within himself or herself, to lead a happy and fulfilling life, Tanja’s workshop will explore the question “Who Am I?” while increasing awareness about your own authenticity, and how to use it in daily life.


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  • 03/28/2018: Who Am I – Finding Your Authencity