Elmar Weinmayr

Work: Classical Homeopath / Ph.D

Elmar Weinmayr was born 1960 in South Germany. After finishing his studies in philosophy and theology with a PhD at University Augsburg, he taught philosophy at the Kyoto Institute of Technology. Over the years, his interests shifted more and more from academic philosophy to the philosophy incorporated in the work of Japanese artisans so he began working with ceramic and lacquer masters. Elmar curated many exhibitions and shows in museums and galleries. He has also published books and catalogs on traditional Japanese crafts. He is the founder of the well-known Gallery Nichinichi in Kyoto. Through the encounter with renowned, Berlin-based homeopath, Annalisa Adami, Elmar became interested in the healing profession. Following his inner calling, he started an apprenticeship with her. In 2006, after receiving the German state license as a “healing practioner,” he opened his own practice in Japan. Currently, Elmar is working as a classical homeopath based in Kyoto. In his practice, he is treating people who are suffering from various physical diseases and psychical diseases and psychical problems, helping them to restore their health in the quickest, most effective, but most gentle possible way.


  • 11/08/2017: “Heal Your Burns with Fire: Top Homeopath’s Secrets for Balance and Health”