How to Be Great with People

Oct. 19th, 2016

Dr. Greg Story | Dale Carnegie Training Japan CEO

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In the course of his career, Dr. Greg Story has moved from the academic world to consulting, investments, trade representation, international diplomacy, retail banking and people development. A Ph.D. in Japanese decision-making and a 30 year veteran of Japan, he has broad experience, having launched a “start up” in Nagoya, and completed “turn-arounds” in both Osaka and Tokyo for Austrade. [Full bio]

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As a “Find Your Element” Leader, Greg will deliver a 90-minute Workshop on “How to Be Great with People.”

This Workshop will aim to:

  • How to stop creating unnecessary problems for yourself when dealing with others
  • How to become remembered as someone of high quality and integrity
  • How to build a close relationship quickly
  • How to use proven Principles which you can put into action immediately

(9 Principles from “How To Win Friends and Influence People”)

Message from Dr. Greg Story:

“In this workshop, we will tap into the 104 years of experience that the Dale Carnegie system brings to improving our Human Relations skills. In life, to be successful, we want people to know, like and trust us. However, what makes you likeable? How well do you get on with others, especially people not like you? If we don’t even like you, are we going to trust you?

Dale Carnegie devised 30 Human Relations success Principles, which have stood the test of time. They work! These Principles were the basis of his famous book, “How To Win Friends and Influence People.” In this workshop, we will focus on the first 9 Principles and we will be handing out the book as a prize!!!”