Why I Want to Be Re-born as a Woman, and Other Confessions of a Top Economist

Jesper Koll | Wisdom Tree Japan CEO / Top Strategist / Economic Advisor / Commentator / Japan Optimist / TEDx Tokyo Presenter

PR Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QCluyTmVyPg

Jesper Koll has been researching and investing in Japan since becoming a resident in 1986. On July 1, 2015 he was appointed Chief Executive Officer of WisdomTree Japan K.K. For the previous two decades Jesper served as the Managing Director of Research and Chief Strategist for major U.S. Investment banks – J.P. Morgan and Merrill Lynch. His analysis and insights have earned him a position on several Japanese government- and corporate advisory committees. Jesper is one of the few non-Japanese members of the Keizai Doyukai, the Japan Association of Corporate Executives. He has written two books in Japanese, Towards a New Japanese Golden Age and The End of Heisei Deflation.

After arriving in Japan in 1986 Jesper initially worked as an aide to a Member of Parliament. Jesper has a Masters degree from the School of Advanced and International Studies at Johns Hopkins University and was a research fellow at both Tokyo University and Kyoto University. He is a graduate of the United World College Lester B. Pearson of the Pacific.

As a Find Your Element Leader, Jesper will lead us in a 90-min. Workshop on “Why I Want to Be Re-born as a Woman, and Other Confessions of a Top Economist.” The content of the Workshop will be a big surprise!


Workshop Feedback

Edward Suzuki: “5 (great)!”

Kimiko Tsurumaki: “5 (great)! It was exciting to know my country from a westerner’s viewpoint. I got so many new perspectives today!”

Anonymous: “Jesper is an amazing speaker – passionate, inspiring, informative, analytical, humourous, pensive and generous. Gifted beyond words!”

Anonymous: “Fantastic! Great slides, balance of facts and own views, etc. Loved the interaction afterwards, too!”

“Jesper is politically and economically savvy, as well as socially intelligent full of wit and humor! His talk about the female role in Japan moving forward was particularly inspiring as an entrepreneur. Perfect timing! It was amazing to see and hear just how much he knows…everything was backed up with facts and figures I didn’t know. Even more amazing was the way in which he can deliver an otherwise boring data to make them all enjoyable for anyone – be it a 12-year-old girl or an older businessman. Wish he was our Prime Minister! Bravo!”

Anonymous:” It was really entertaining to see Japan from an outsider’s perspective. Thank you so much!”

Anonymous: “Jesper is a wonderful speaker and the session was very interesting.”

Anonymous: “Great and intelligent speaker!”

Anonymous: “Fantastic! Loved the interesting Q &  A !”

LR: “It is always good to hear a contrarian voice in Japan push back against the orthodox view that Japan is an economy in decline with no hope. Conversely, with the right policy mix the outlook for Japan’s economy is bright.”

Middle School Girl: “At first I thought it would be like a boring school lecture, but I really enjoyed Mr. Koll’s talk and especially liked the interactive Q&A at the end!”

RT: “There are too few Japan optimists so I was encouraged to hear Jesper’s talk after years of hearing only the ‘Nay Sayers.’ It was gratifying to learn that while Japan may not be rich in natural resources, we are rich in a creative brain trust. Moving forward a bit more deregulation coupled with budding entrepreneurship is the recipe to keep Japan healthy and viable for the future. I loved this message!”