Use Your Intuition and Release Your Inner Champion

Mar. 1st | 19:30-21:00 | 4,000yen

Sarah Everitt Furuya | Clever Rebels Curious Corporates CEO & Founder/ Ex-FEW Japan President

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She has been living and working in Japan since May 2001 and until 2012 as a Learning and Development manager in a corporate training company, working mainly with Microsoft. In October 2012, with a wish for freedom and entrepreneurial excitement and to work for herself, she boarded a plane to New York, attended the 3-day seminar “Rich, Happy and Hot Live” and embarked on her new career as Sarah Furuya Coaching. Since then, she has continued working with corporate clients and has worked with hundreds of men and women both in private practice delivering one to one coaching and in workshops and retreats. [Full Bio]
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In all the cultures I have lived in and experienced, there is some value placed on endurance, “gaman,” hard work, no pain no gain or you better suffer to be beautiful (really?). And while yes, any ambitious endeavor requires smart work, diligence and delivery, what if it were easy, fun, joyful and built on a foundation of positive intuition? Of a full-body YES?? Not just cranking, working and “gaman”?

That is what we will explore in this workshop. What that full-body YES feel like to you and what the subtle (or not-so-subtle) signs which tell you NO are. Remind you of  when you have made full-body YES decisions before and how to recognize them from now on. Also, remind you of when  you made a decision despite feeling an intuitive, inexplainable NO, how it felt and its dire consequences so you can identify and avoid them in the near future.

As a Find Your Element Leader, Sarah will deliver a 90-minute Workshop on how to “Use your Intuition and Release your Inner Champion.” In this workshop, we will dive into your past to help you to be the champion of your future.


This Workshop will aim to:

  • Learn how to use your body to recognize intuition and the positive messages your body sends you so you can make winning choices 
  • Make decisions based on intuitive information and logic together so you can be the champion, never the victim of your life
  • Realize when you ignored your body’s intuitive messages and made big mistakes to avoid those mistakes in the future
  • Dig into your stories to harvest information that can help you to become the champion of your life


Intuition can sound a bit magical and New Age. However, it is much simpler than that. It is information that you can’t see or hear, but you can feel. Curiosity. Interest. Goosebumps. A witchy or wizardy feeling. A hunch. Gut feeling. It is feedback that your body gives you based on picking up certain signals of comfort or danger. How often you ignore these signals! This invaluable body information and these feelings that say NO or YES, which has gotten you this far… they are essential aspects of human evolution and survival. How often do you say YES and do the things that don’t bring you joy? How often do you make huge life mistakes because you try to override every piece of information that is telling you NO – either very loudly “DON’T DO IT!” or subtly “Ummm, am I making the right decision?” just because you have no logical explanation? Then, you pile on logical justification, qualification and stifle your most underused but oh-so-terrific antenna… your intuition.