Trick Your Ego: Playfulness Is an Attitude

Oct. 4th, 2017 | 19:30-21:00 | 4,000yen

Sarah Furuya | Sarah Furuya Coaching CEO & Founder / FYE Chief Director / Ex-FEW Japan President

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“The main difference between play and playfulness is that play is an activity, while playfulness is and ATTITUDE.”
~ Miguel Sicart (from “Playfulness – A BIT of Play Matters”)

How often have you been afraid to start something because you were afraid about it not turning out perfectly? How many times have you actually NOT started something or sabotaged yourself so you didn’t have to do the work and risk wild success or failure? How many times have you messed up your relationships, acted defensively, or felt like a fool? How often have you felt ashamed when you got something wrong? How often have you beaten yourself up, where you felt a deep and lasting shame, guilt or replayed the same story over and over in your head? And not the good ones. Being playful is an inside job. It’s an attitude.

How would you have behaved differently if you had been playful with these incidents? How could playfulness help you have a better experience? How could being playful lead you to more truth and light?! Playfulness helps access humility and confidence. It allows you to take imperfect actions, to make mistakes, to be wrong, to receive a no…and for you and those around you to have a better experience of those otherwise uncomfortable situations. SCANDALOUS!

Remember we are not talking about minimizing your experience or anybody else’s. We are not talking about gas-lighting or laughing at other people or making fun of other people’s experience. Playfulness is an inside job. And once you master the art of being playful with your experience, you can bring your playfulness into the world and radiate a magnetic energy and lightness. And it is art. And art is beautiful and personal and brings joy from the inside out. And to be an artist requires practice and willingness. And to be playful. Taking yourself seriously, having self belief and acknowledging your unique skill, talent and gifts, which is essential, can be enhanced and helped by playfulness. IN FYE ’16 Fall Season, we looked at your following curiosity through your story. IN FYE ’17 Spring Season, we explored your story and your intuition. This Fall Season, we look at your story and how playfulness interplays with your story.

In this Workshop, we will look at how playfulness can help enhance your experience of life and work and how it interplays with your story.

*Content is subject to change

7:15pm: Door Opens

7:30pm: Welcome and Introduction

7:40pm: Personal Journey

7:50pm: Imagination exercise – Group Work (Defining playfulness and ways to use it to be more effective)

8:10pm: Re-working your story incorporating playfulness

8:25pm: Pair-work and group share-back with coaching on-the- spot to activate your new stories

8:40pm: Q & A

9pm: End

This workshop will aim to:

◆ Calm or play with your fears and contain the inner voice that tells  you must do what you want to do perfectly or not at all
◆ Release attachment to approval from everyone and release your  work into the world
◆ Have a better experience of living your story and taking action
◆ Tame your ego when it tries to hold you back and tells you  people will laugh at you, you’ll appear a fool or all other version of “not good enough”
◆ Worry less about what other people think and worry less about being judged
◆ Take yourself more seriously and outcomes less seriously, through play