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    The List of Fall 2016 FYE Workshops

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    ~Find Your Element Workshops~ 

    [“GROUNDING” Workshops]

    Sept. 14th, 2016
    “Curiosity Cannot Lie: Justification Can”
    with Sarah Furuya (Clever Rebels Curious Corporates CEO/ex-President of FEW)

    Sept. 21st, 2016
    “Loving What Is: Inquiry with the Work of Byron Katie”
    with Tim McLean (Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie/ C+F Institute for Transpersonal Studies President / Japan Transpersonal Association and Faculty of The Enneagram Institute Co-Founder)

    Sept. 28th, 2016
    “Dreams Come True – Define Your Element”
    with Efrot Weiss (Intercultural Trainer & Coach)

    Oct. 5th, 2016
    “Learn to See, Feel & Use Energy”
    with Jeffrey Allen (Energy Healer /Spiritual Teacher /Author) 

    Oct. 12th, 2016
    “Find Your Truth: How To Listen, Ask and Question”
    with Jake Adelstein (Investigative Journalist / Author)                        

    [INSPIRATIONAL Workshops]

    Oct. 19th, 2016
    “How to Be Great with People”
    with Greg Story (Dale Carnegie Training Japan CEO)

    Oct. 26th, 2016
    “Ways to Live and Die Happily”
    with Eiji Han Shimizu (Documentary Film “Happy” Producer / The Life School Founder & Principal / Google “Search Inside Yourself” Instructor / Dalai Lama Certified “Cultivating Emotional Balance” Instructor / Positive Psychology Certified Instructor / Author / Filmmaker / TEDx Speaker)

    Nov. 2nd, 2016
    “Finding Beauty: A Top Architect’s Discovery in Tokyo”
    with Riccardo Tossani (Riccardo Tossani Architecture CEO)

    Nov. 9th, 2016
    “Daring Greatly”
    with Ai Futaki (Underwater Explorer, Double Guinness World Records Holder of “The Longest Distance Swam in a Cave with One Breath”)

    Nov. 16th, 2016
    “WTF Can I Eat?!”
    with August Hergesheimer (Ph.D/ Nutritional Scientist/Anti-Aging Specialist/Author/Whole Food Supplement Designer/ Abios Co., Ltd and PureShop Japan Founder & CEO)

    Nov. 23rd, 2016
    “Home Anywhere: Overcoming the Challenges of Mixed Identity”
    with Melody Yoko Reilly (Top Model / Find Your Element Advisory Board Member)

    Nov. 30th, 2016
    “The Courage to Take Action: The First Step to a Future You Never Imagined Possible”
    with Daisuke Sugiyama (INTERLITERACY® Founder / Business Producer)

    (held on Wednesday evenings)

    ~Enhance Your Element through Meditation~

    Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation 12-Week Program 
    with Patrick Mitchell (M.A. Contemplative Education, Mindfulness/Stress Management Instructor)

    (held on Wednesday mornings)