The Importance of Sex & Intimacy in Relationships

Apr. 5th | 19:30-21:00 | 4,000yen

Dr.  Dariusz P. Skowronski | PhD. / Clinical & Social Sexologist / Sexology Psychotherapist & Specialist / Temple University Japan Adjunct Professor at Psychological Studies

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The quality of our lives depends on how bravely we are willing to openly ask tough questions with no guarantee of reaching satisfactory answers immediately. I believe people are good by nature. However, I am aware that the poor choices may be the source of hurting and suffering. The purpose of life is to find your calling and sharing together the best you can offer to others. Everybody has some kind of precious gift. My hope is that this workshop will provide you with some new insights and tools that can be incorporated and practiced to improve both sex and intimacy in yourrelationship.”

This workshop is designed for everyone, who is interested in the female and male sexuality, and practical sensual enhancement tools to increase intimacy, sexual connection and couples satisfaction. The presenter will offer various research-based ideas and their practical incorporation into sex life, based on mutual communication, sensual training and psychological bonding building.

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This Workshop will aim to:

  • Help you understand the differences between male & female sexuality
  • Provide practical sensual enhancement tools to increase intimacy in relationships
  • Help you understand the ways men and women communicate to have mutual understanding and satisfaction
  • Motivate you to make positive changes