The Courage to Take Action: The First Step to a Future You Never Imagined Possible

Nov. 30th, 2016

Daisuke Sugiyama | INTERLITERACY® Founder / Business Producer

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Born in 1979 in Tokyo, Daisuke moved with his family to New York at age three and spent his formative years in the USA. He experienced true multiculturalism at a young age and learned how to express himself effectively, attending a public elementary school in the inner suburb of New York City. He later transferred to the Japanese School of New York to acclimate before his return to Japan in 1995 at age 15. After more than a decade in America, he identified more with his Americanness and had difficulty adjusting to his life back in his home country. During this struggle, he realized that a solid identity is the key to pursuing what you love.

Daisuke has an excellent command of both Japanese and English, which makes him a talented communicator in Japan and abroad. While earning his B.A. in Policy Management at Keio University, he established his first education consulting company at 19. He began conducting “Design Your Identity” workshops for companies, universities, and individuals to discover their strengths, weaknesses, and hidden opportunities. He went on to earn his MBA from Keio and, in 2007, founded INTERLITERACY, an integrated marketing and communications agency that specializes in identifying communication issues and solving them through multifaceted strategy execution. He excels at the art of presentation and, combined with his strong background in accounting and IT, he has helped companies better communicate themselves for more than a decade.

Daisuke is the father of three boys and one girl. He is the author of “The Courage to Take Action: The First Step to a Future You Never Imagined Possible (行動する勇気)” (Forest Publishing)  and “Move Your Luck (運を動かせ)” (Discover 21). [Full bio here]

As a “Find Your Element” Leader, Daisuke will deliver a 90-minute workshop on The Courage to Take Action: The First Step to a Future You Never Imagined Possible. In other words—MOVE YOUR ASS!”

This workshop will aim to:

  • Help you find out your unique strengths. When you use them to their fullest advantage, you will be able to accomplish anything!
  • Help you realize that the first step to a future you never imagined possible is when you actually take action.
  • Help you recognize that your words and thoughts have physical power: whatever you do, you must always be prepared to achieve your goals!
  • Help you understand that we either break down or break through. In order to break through, we need a personal revolution.
  • Help you find out if you are a DOER or a DON’TER.
  • Raise your awareness about how you would get the same results if you continue to do the same things.