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    The List of Spring 2016 Workshops

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    ~Find Your Element Workshops~ 

    (held on Wednesday evenings)

     [“GROUNDING” Workshops]

    “Being & Becoming”
    with Lucy Reynolds (certified CPCC Co-Active Coach)

    “Understanding the Habits of Heart and Mind”
    with Jodi Harris (World Tree Coaching Founder)

    “Unlimit Your Relationships, Unlimit Your Life: Experience the Power of Inquiry with The Work of Byron Katie”
    with Tim McLean (Certified Facilitator of The Work by Byron Katie / C+F Institute for Transpersonal Studies President / Japan Transpersonal Association and the Faculty of The Enneagram Institute Co-Founder)

    “Master Your Energy: Make Positive Decisions to Renew Your Life”
    with Miles Maeda (Certified Yoga Instructor (E-RYT® 500) / Reiki Master / GYROTONIC® & GYROKINESIS® Trainer / Certified Business & Life Management Trainer)

     [INSPIRATIONAL Workshops]

    “1 + 1 = 11”
    with Patrick Newell (TEDx Tokyo Co-Founder / TIS Founder / Living Dreams Founder)

    “Dare to be Naïve: GOoD DESIGN Your Life”
    with Edward Suzuki (Edward Suzuki Associates Founder & CEO / TEDx Tokyo Presenter / Author /Prizewinning Architect)

    “Feel Great & Look Even Better”
    with August Hergesheimer (Abios Co., Ltd and PureShop Japan Founder & CEO / Anti-Ageing Specialist / Author)

    “Transcending and Transforming Regrets into Positive Action”
    with Leza Lowitz (Sun and Moon Yoga Founder & Director /Author)

    “Center of Balance ~ the Yogi’s Guide to Body-Mind Balance in the Modern Day World”
    with Mae Yoshikawa (Concept Studio Veda Founder/ Vedruss Founder / ADIDAS YOGA Ambassador / Author)

    “Why I Want to Be Re-born as a Woman, and Other Confessions of a Top Economist”
    with Jesper Koll (Wisdom Tree Japan CEO / Top Strategist / Economic Advisor / Commentator / Japan Optimist / TEDx Tokyo Presenter)

    “From Dreamer to Hero: Realizing Your Element through Music” 
    with Elizaveta (Flower Army Records CEO/ Musician / Artist / Flower Alchemist / Facilitator/TED Global and TEDx performer)


    ~Enhance Your Element through Meditation~

    Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation 12-Week Program
    with Patrick Mitchell (M.A. Contemplative Education, Mindfulness/Stress Management Instructor)

    (held on Wednesday mornings)