Shut Your Mouth and Move Your Ass

Oct. 18th, 2017 | 19:30-21:00 | 4,000yen

Sh0h | Human Beatbox Artist / Japan Beatbox Champion / Music Producer / TEDx Tokyo Performer

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Sh0h ignites audiences with his body alone – he has mastered the art of communicating beyond language in his teenage years and since, won the Japan Beatbox Championship in 2014 as a Human Beatbox Artist. He became obsessed with beatboxing from his teenage years and has distinguished himself as one of the best human beatboxers around in the world for his flow, groove, melody, musicality and originality. Not confined to a single genre or format, Sh0h’s activities beyond live performances and events include media appearances in TV, magazines, radio and other media, such as modeling and producing. He is a true Carpe Diemer who was born into this world, perhaps closer to death than any, realizing the frailty of life which has formed him into the Sh0h as we know him. His message is loud and clear- seize the day for tomorrow may never come!

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7:15pm: Door Opens

7:30pm: Welcome and Introduction

7:40pm: Personal Journey

8pm: Special Performance

8:15pm: Experience the Limitless Possibilities

8:30pm: Q & A/Discussion

9pm: End

This workshop will show you how to:

◆Make every day count
◆Lean on others – family, friends, community, etc. to build the strongest team
◆Throw away the Japanese mentality of “meiwaku” and “haji” – trust in the Universe and YOU
◆Always see your glass as half full!