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    Patrick Newell

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    Patrick Newell

    TEDx Tokyo Co-Founder /TIS Founder/Living Dreams Founder/ Learning Activist/Ideas Activist/ Skateboarder  

    Patrick Newell was raised in California prior to coming to Tokyo. He was a banker at Beverly Hills Bank while living in Malibu. He holds a Post Graduate Diploma from Oxford Brookes University majoring in International Education. He founded Tokyo International School 20 years ago, which is often referred to as a 21st Century Model School.

    The School currently serves almost 350 students representing 45 nationalities in central Tokyo and has been a model school in many areas of education and learning. The same philosophy is behind the recent launch of the Global Institute, a 21st century kindergarten and after-school program based in Naka-Meguro. In 2008, Patrick Co-founded TEDx Tokyo, an organization that focuses on Japanese and Foreign thought leaders sharing ideas. TEDx Tokyo was a pilot program originated from the TED conference, which is regarded as the premier global community in the world for sharing ideas and changing the world. Patrick is also the founder of Living Dreams, an NPO that enriches the lives of over 1,000 orphans from children’s homes in Japan. Living Dreams empowers these children through “Give now and make it LAST (Learning, Arts, Sports and Technology)”.

    In addition, Patrick is Co-founder of Impact Japan, a lighthouse for entrepreneurship and innovation in Japan. In 2012, Patrick completed 21:21, a short documentary film shot in schools in 9 countries, highlighting the importance of aligning 21st century learning with 21st century learners, and the role of parents as primary educators. http://patricknewell.com/wp/tedster/ http://impactjapan.org/en/ http://21foundation.com/ Patrick has been a speaker and participant in over 20 international school conferences and workshops. He has also chaired International School Accreditation Teams for the Council of International Schools and New England Association of Schools & Colleges, and currently serves as the Chair of the American Chamber of Commerce (ACCJ) Learning Committee. As a “Find Your Element”Leader, Patrick will deliver a 90-minute Workshop on 1 (purpose) + 1 (passion) = 11 (productivity, playfulness, change, creativity, communication, collaboration, critical thinking, focus, fun, success, and of course happiness.

    He will help participants explore their purpose and passions in work and in life using his presentation and workshop. Patrick will share his secrets with the participants on how to discover ways to align with who they are and what all they can be, in order to maximize their potential starting NOW.

    Patrick published TED Power 「TEDパワー 世界と自分を変えるアイデア」(May 2014) & Future skills 「未来を生き抜くスキルはこう育てる」(June 2015) on how parents can better understand and implement the 21st Century Skills. He is currently writing his next book focusing on his 3P’s  (Passion パッション, Purpose 目的 & Playfulness 遊び心) to align our personal needs with the corporate world. http://publications.asahi.com/ecs/detail/?item_id=15979 http://www.shogakukan.co.jp/books/09388424 In his spare time and when travelling between meetings, Patrick can be found on his skateboard, and bringing a sparkle of light to everyday life through fun projects such as http://kissingspot.com/ and Happy Unbirthday.


    K. Y.: “Thanks for the workshop! I have been thinking about it ever since. Also, my friend and I had a great conversation afterwards over a nice bottle of wine, and I am now thinking it might be nice to spend some time working on myself!!”

    W. W.: “Patrick’s workshop on how his approach of 1 + 1 = 11 gave me a fresh new perspective on education and what it means to connect with people. Having attended an international school myself, not quite the same as the one Patrick runs, I was able to appreciate how his approach to teaching children was slightly different than what I had experienced. I found that his appreciation for Japanese culture in general displayed through the design of his school inspired me to consider even sending my future children there one day. The way he approached human relationships was also eye opening, in that he knew how to tap into the infinite potential of our social lives, how one person, mind alone, may only be capable of so much, but when two or more minds come together, the potential for expansion is limitless and exponential. As a TEDx organizer as well, it was inspiring to hear his story on how he came about exploring this side of his life. I have known Patrick from before, and he is like an older uncle that loves surfing that I never had. It was a pleasure to listen to him speak.”

    A. M.: “Patrick is one of the most enthusiastic, innovative, creative person I know, who lives and breathes passion in his everyday life. I am in awe of how he never stops realizing every passion he has, without fear and with playfulness! He is such an inspiration to all, motivating those around him to tackle various life challenges.”  

    His workshop: “1 + 1 = 11”