My Secrets to Uncovering the Diamond Inside You

Mar. 22nd | 19:30-21:00 | 4,000yen

UKICO | Singer Songwriter/ Model / FYE Advisory Board Member

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Born to a Japanese mother and a French father, UKICO is a singer songwriter, producer now based in Tokyo. She spent her childhood in Paris and studied at the University La Sorbonne while traveling internationally for her modeling career. She decided to move to Tokyo to continue modeling and get to know her roots better. That is where she started writing music and began performing with a Japanese guitarist. Later, she decided to pursue music more seriously and moved to NYC where she went to a music engineering school, Institute of Audio Research. After graduating salutatorian, she interned at a recording studio based in Brooklyn and at the well known jazz club Birdland, while writing her own music and performing. She was greatly influenced by Brooklyn indie pop culture as well as trip hop. She is now working with the producer Justyn Pilbrow (The neighbored, Halsey…) as well as Japanese producers for her first EP. Her music can be described as alternative dark pop, with some traditional Japanese influences. [full bio]

We all have something unique in us like a diamond, but we don’t often take the time to acknowledge it and instead, we hide it or harm it. But once you uncover your diamond and learn to nurture it, you will find true happiness and shine!

This workshop will aim to:

  • Help you see the importance of being grounded to release your true self
  • Instill love for yourself both body and mind
  • Show you how to preserve and maintain a positive and open mind
  • Show you how to nurture your growth with different techniques