Move Beyond Your Ordinary Self

Nov. 1st, 2017 | 19:30-21:00 | 4,000yen

Tania Coke | tarinainanika Co-Director / Corporeal Mime Artist / Mediator / Royal Society of Arts Japan Connector

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How can we engage the whole self in our being and our doing, our thinking and our communicating?
How can we bring mind and body into perfect partnership?
How can we become more alive, more creative and connected – to Self and to Others?

In this workshop we will look to the wisdom of the Arts and the Body for new ways to become and remain extraordinary.

Tania Coke’s Workshop will help you:

◆ Discover how to enhance your physical presence, with the help of solid acting techniques
◆ Experience ways to break out of your ordinary habits, through the medium of the body
◆ Stretch the boundaries of your being in ways you have never experienced before

*Content is subject to change

7:15pm: Door Opens

7:30pm: Welcome and Introduction

7:40pm: Personal Journey – how I lost my Extraordinary Self and then found it, only to keep losing it and finding it again and again.

8pm: How can we remain connected to our Extraordinary Selves in our everyday lives?

8:10pm: Experience exercises on being and doing from the theatrical art of Corporeal Mime. Discover ways to build your presence, through greater physical awareness and choice.

8:40pm: Q&A

9pm: End