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    Mae Yoshikawa

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    Mae Yoshikawa
    Concept Studio Veda Founder/ ADIDAS YOGA Ambassador/ Author / Yogini/ Mom


    Mae began her practice of Ashtanga Yoga in 2001. In 2006, she became the first Japanese woman to be Authorized by KP JAYI, the founding school of Ashtanga Yoga in India. Mae is one of very few Japanese who was under the direct tutelage of the late great yoga guru Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, and currently continues her practice with R. Sharath Jois, Director of KP JAYI.  She is currently known as the face of ADIDAS YOGA in Japan, as well as the founding director of the aTA (ADIDAS Training Academy) yoga program.

    She is renowned for having graced over 40 magazine covers consecutively, as the cover model for Japanese YOGINI magazine from 2003~2013. Also an author of two books, and producing her own yoga DVDs, Mae plays a leading role in spreading health and wellness of body and mind, through the natural and holistic method of yoga as a way of life.

    A mother, as well as a yoga teacher and author, Mae opened her studio “veda” in Tokyo in 2011 to offer various health and lifestyle improvement programs. 

    Recently, she has added a Yoga Basics (Bilingual Class) at Veda, which is open to beginners-all levels. Yoga postures will be practiced in sync with the evenness of chest-breathing, designed for effective detox of body, nervous system, and energy-flow. As a result, you will experience body-mind clarity, allowing you to feel renewed and rejuvenated. Further, the class will cover the fundamentals of yoga in such a way as to help you incorporate the practice into your daily life.

    As a “Find Your Element” Leader, Mae delivers a 90-minute Workshop on “Center of Balance ~ the Yogi’s guide to Body-Mind Balance in the Modern Day World.” Read More…


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    Details of her workshop, “Center of Balance ~ the Yogi’s guide to Body-Mind Balance in the Modern Day World” can be viewed here: http://findyourelement.jp/mae-yoshikawa-workshop/

    K. Y.: “I enjoyed this workshop very much. Mae talked from the heart and I could really understand the difference Yoga has made in her life and learned some great strategies to bring balance in my own life – mind, body, soul… thank you Mae, thank you FYE!!”

    J. M. :” Mae’s workshop was very, very meaningful and I took away a lot of learnings and insights due to Mae’s authenticity, her honest sharing and reflection. She is very special and I’m really grateful to have met her – especially at this time in my life. You are doing wonderful and meaningful  work, FYE Team – thank you so much. I look forward to the session with Jesper!”

     W.W.: “Mae’s workshop was deeply moving. Unlike the other speakers, her talk was very personal and struck a chord deep within me as well, since we seemed to have shared many similar experiences. From her early years struggling with her Mother’s illness, to acting out by going to nightclubs and getting drunk and wasted, visiting India and finding herself through her yoga practice, and finding a new identity and life through sharing her experiences and inherited teachings, it was like I was taken on journey through her personal life transformation. Of all the speakers, I think she came closest to someone that I can look up to as almost like an older sister, that was preparing me for what was to come for myself. In a way, she gave me permission to leave the heavy burden of my past ‘baggage’ that I held onto regarding my past behind me. I am looking forward to practicing yoga with her one day as well, and even perhaps go on a journey to India myself.”

    A. M.: “Mae is a heroine who has found her element in her vibrant personal and professional life. Her story and journey through pain into a hugely successful business will teach you so much about courage. She can help you build confidence when it comes to health, career, relationships and more. Mae is a ray of sunshine with a dynamite smile; a truly charismatic, solid, and inspiring woman!”

    Her workshop: “Center of Balance ~ the Yogi’s Guide to Body-Mind Balance in the Modern Day World” 



  1. Kjell June 16, 2016 at 11:37

    I enjoyed the workshop last night and found Mae very charming and sincere- it is great to have learned by hearing her real world experiences and how yoga has been the major transforming force in her life. Observe….breathe…been doing it all day, with intent and inner focus…gotta keep that going…Thank you Mae, Thank you Find Your Element!!