Look & Feel Younger in 30 Days

Mar. 15th | 19:30-21:00 | 4,000yen

Dr. August Hergesheimer | Ph.D/ Nutritional Scientist/ Anti-Ageing Specialist / Author / Whole Food Supplement Designer / Founder & CEO, Abios Co., Ltd and PureShop Japan

PR Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U2vdb_rmmPc&t=13s

Dr. Hergesheimer was born in 1962 in Inawashiro, Fukushima to an American father and a Japanese mother. He grew up in Yokohama and San Diego. Dr. Hergesheimer became interested in anti-ageing when he was a medical student at San Diego State University and earned his Ph.D. in nutritional science. He returned to Japan to help with his father’s business, selling US-manufactured vacuum cleaners. After working in a number of other businesses, he founded Abios in 1990, a company specializing in the formulation, manufacture and sale of whole foods products. [Full bio here]
Abios supports:

“Feel Great & Look Even Better” has been the mantra of my nutritional philosophy. However, the ultimate benefit of following my diet goes far beyond great health and looking your best. I guarantee that you will regain your natural, youthful energy in just 30 days if you attend this season’s workshop!

And, with this bountiful energy, we can all accomplish more and live a more fulfilling, complete life. After all, isn’t it the “lack of energy” that usually forces us to compromise our goals in life?

The basis to my philosophy is that we must deal with the actual root problems behind the many nagging symptoms of poor health and the advancing age. The root cause is a very unclean inner body due to several key lifestyle factors with air pollution the chief culprit. As long as your inner body remains unclean and subject to daily injury from pollutants, you can never truly reach your optimal potential. My natural diet helps you get clean, stay clean, and provides your body a chance to heal. The result is a more energetic and radiant you – yes, in just 30 days!

As a “Find Your Element” Leader, Dr. Hergesheimer will deliver a 90-minute Workshop on “Look & Feel Younger in 30 Days.”

This Workshop will aim to:

  • Help you understand the connection between what we eat and how we feel/look
  • Expose you to the truth about gluten, cholesterol, dairy products, carbohydrates, sugar, etc.
  • Provide you with the correct information about good and bad oil
  • Help you make effective food choice in and out of the house
  • Motivate you to make positive changes for you and your family all around!