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    Leza Lowitz

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    Leza Lowitz


     Sun and Moon Yoga Founder / Director / Author / Yogini / Mom


    Leza Lowitz is an award-winning author, yoga studio owner, yogini and mother. She’s published over 20 books, has run her own yoga studio for 13 years (Sun and Moon Yoga in Tokyo) and is parenting a bicultural teenage boy. She loves to share the power of yoga, meditation and the nurturing potential of creativity with everyone from business people to housewives to Academy-award winning actors and everyone in between. Her latest books just debuted at #1 on Amazon–Here Comes the Sun is a memoir about adopting and adapting in Japan. Up from the Sea is a fictional tribute to the Tohoku communities affected by the 3-11-11 disaster and how we can come together to help each other in times of need.


    She kick started our workshop as a special guest leader for a Save Minamisoma Project Charity Event “Live For Today.” This time, Leza will deliver a 90-minute Workshop on “Transcending & Tranforming Regrets into Positive Action.” She will also be sharing her wisdom on our universal need to be happy and at peace, as well as  various practices which cultivate compassion and well-being. 


    Join Leza to meet your regrets head-on, practice forgiveness, and move forward by clearing away your negativity.

    Special meditation included.


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    W. W.:“I found Leza’s workshop to be insightful and helpful since I have had many personal occasions where I felt like I held onto a lot of resentments and guilt for my past wrongdoings. In the process of self purification, which included regret, replay, resolve, and replant, I saw that I was still stuck in the replay mode for the past few years over incidents that happened in my past. Although resolution by vowing never to repeat the same mistake again is a natural progression, I noticed that replanting a different seed is often the most difficult since doing something “kind” for the other may sometimes appear as if there is a desire for forgiveness from the other. This is where I often find myself stuck because I don’t want the other to think there is an ulterior motive for my sincere actions and apologies. I also know through experience that forgiveness doesn’t come easily, and there can be a selfish desire for the other to forgive, which would be insincere. I hope that I can live from now on with a more humble and polite, respectful manner to those around me and be sensitive to the social atmosphere around me. I realized that I have had a very disrespectful and angry attitude towards the world around me and, as a result was a target to the hostility of others, even though I should have realized and understood that I was the source of all my problems. I hope to take this lesson and workshop to heart and integrate its teachings in my daily life so that I may live a more honest and sincere life.”

    A. M.: “It was wonderful to have another opportunity to  listen to all that Leza has to offer. She has so many tools in her toolbox and never ceases to amaze me! Leza is a true healer: I really enjoyed  learning all the things she shared with us which will help us all to meet all of our emotional baggages and learn from them, enabling ourselves to clear away all negativity. ”

    Her workshop: “Transcending and Transforming Regrets into Positive Action” 



  1. Veronica Connor May 16, 2016 at 09:33

    Dear Liza

    I’m interested in going to this event. Will it be a lecture or will it also include some asana practice

    Thank You!

    Warm Regards

    • Aya May 17, 2016 at 06:29

      Thank you for your inquiry. We have ensured your spot for Leza Lowitz’s workshop on June 8th. This workshop is comprised of lecture and Q & A/discussion. There will be no asana practices. Looking forward to seeing you there! Sincerely, FYE Workshop Team

    • Aya May 17, 2016 at 22:51

      Hi Veronica,
      No asanas this time around. Leza will be giving a lecture with Q&A afterwards. We are happy to ensure your spot. Please kindly email us at: info@findyourelement.jp. We look forward to seeing you!
      FYE Workshop Team