It’s Your Life: Now or Never

Dec. 6th, 2017 | 19:30-21:00 | 4,000yen

Jay Ponazecki | The American Chamber of Commerce in Japan (ACCJ)  Chairman /  Business & Community Leader / Avid Walker / Positive Thinker

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We often create the best solutions and the most innovative approaches when we step away from problems and obstacles. Stepping away from our day-to-day lives can also lead to our greatest moments of self-discovery and awareness. And, in all aspects of life, focusing on getting to yes is a key driver in having a successful and fulfilling life.

For centuries, people have walked for hundreds and sometimes thousands of kilometers to Santiago de Compostela in Spain as a means of achieving greater enlightenment and understanding.  These pilgrimages are known as Camino.

In this workshop, Jay will share her experiences and the lessons she has learned stepping away from her career and walking several Camino in Spain and Portugal over the past two years.

She will talk about the importance of testing assumptions, turning off the noise that often prevents us from leading fulfilling and happy lives, aiming high because stretch goals often get achieved and taking action now because this is your life.



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7:15pm: Door Opens

7:30pm: Welcome and Introduction

 7:40pm: Personal Journey

8pm: Presentation & Lecture

 8:30pm: Q&A

 9pm: End

This workshop will aim to:

◆ Honor your core values and take charge of your life

◆ Learn how to overcome obstacles and lessen the power of negative thinking

◆ Test assumptions so that you can realize your full potential and live a happy life

◆ Find time in your busy work schedules to nurture your soul