How to be Imperfectly Perfect

Matthew Crabbe | ECN Hospitality Owner / Owner Chef at Two Rooms Grill, R2 Supper Club, Ruby Jack’s Steakhouse & Bar

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Date:  Apr. 25th (Wed.), 2018

Time: 7:30pm-9pm

Tuition: 4,000yen

Mistakes are an integral part of the learning process. Without them, we cannot move forward or know which direction to take. If you ask ten people you meet today what instances spurred their biggest growth in life, I bet most of those stories will fall under the umbrella of “mistakes.” Furthermore, you will find that the bigger those mistakes are, the more learning and benefits people probably received – whether they were immediate or later in their lives.

Despite knowing this, we still often live in fear of mistakes. We try to circumvent them, endeavor to hide them even when they inevitably happen to all of us. Too often in life, we fall prey to the idea that when we make a mistake, we have a problem instead of an opening. But guess what? Mistakes are the most effective catalysts for change and success! They are necessary ingredients of any transformation and innovation – and are not optional choices.

Although attaining a desired outcome is gratifying, there is the whole process from desire to result we tend to dismiss too often. Take one of my signature side dishes at Two Rooms for example: I discovered through one of my many mistakes that overcooking a carrot releases an intense and a deep flavor in its characteristic which is so much better than what I learned (or used?) to do. Would you have known that one of your favorite dishes at one of my restaurants may just be that overcooked carrot, born out of my mistake?

Imperfection keeps us flexible, creative and attentive. It busts open an entire process of transformation – helping us break through unexpected discoveries while redirecting us toward more constructive paths for success! Imperfectly perfect people are engaged with life rather than with routine. So which life would you rather have?

This workshop will show you how to:

  • Discover unique characteristics in surrounding environments to achieve optimal results
  • Use your mistakes to propel rather than sink your success
  • Build your creative confidence
  • Turn your other cheek as a recipe for success in a variety of situations
  • Look at imperfection as perfection


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