Home Anywhere: Overcoming the Challenges of Mixed Identity

Nov. 23rd, 2016

Melody Yoko Reilly | Top Model / Find Your Element Advisory Board Member

PR Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rGAWr_s7heU

Melody Yoko Reilly is an American-Japanese model. Born and raised in Redondo Beach, California, she is currently working in Tokyo as a fashion model and TV personality. She graces the cover and pages of many magazines, as well as being considered one of the top models in Japan on the runway including Tokyo Girls Collection — one of the biggest events on the Japanese fashion calendar. She has represented brands such as Shiseido, Uniqlo, Peach John, Sapporo Beer and many more.

In, 2010 Melody became the Goodwill Ambassador for AQUAPEACE Indonesia. Together with AQUAPEACE, she helps raise money to support orphans and orphanages in Bali and hopes to help build an International School in Indonesia.

Official Sites: http://www.melodyyoko.com/
Also on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and Ameblo

As a “Find Your Element” Leader, Melody will deliver a 90-minute Workshop on
“Home Anywhere: Overcoming the Challenges of Mixed Identity.”

This Workshop will aim to:

  • Help you understand the shifting attitude of the society towards “haafu” (Japanese slang for “half” or mixed race)
  • Help you see that appearance doesn’t matter
  • Help you to find a home anywhere and overcoming the challenges of mixed identity
  • Inspire you to see obstacles as opportunities
  • Expose you to the pros and cons of being “mixed”
  • Make you laugh lots and simply enjoy where you are!

7:15pm: Door Open
7:30pm: Welcome and introduction
7:40pm: Lecture
8:30pm: Q & A.