Tamiko Hayashi

Work: Wtree Inc. Founder & CEO / NPO Social Concierge Founder & CEO

Tamiko Hayashi founded the non-profit organization Social Concierge in 2007 to promote a sustainable and mindful lifestyle. Social Concierge produces creative and editorial publications as well as many events and workshops, e.g. organic cooking seminars and green lifestyle workshops. In 2008, Tamiko founded Wtree Inc. with her sister, Romiyo Hayashi, which is an ethical fashion and lifestyle business that offers ethical branding, marketing and public relations to a variety of clients such as “PICA Yamanaka-ko”, the first sustainable resort in Japan, and an Eco Village in ChiangMai, Thailand.

Tamiko was a public relations specialist for several European luxury fashion brands such as RODO, Herno etc., prior to starting her companies. She has been running an ethnical knit brand called SHOKAY using yak yarns as its Japan representative office director for the purpose of supporting Tibetan tribes in remote areas of China. In addition, she produces  SHOKAY for TOHOKU project which includes hand knit items, working with women with high knitting skills who  live in prefectures that suffered from Tohoku tsunami and Fukushima nuclear disaster.

Tamiko’s passion for sustainability and fashion has resulted in the creation of multiple lifestyle blogs which includes Vogue Japan since 2009, Japanese fashion magazine Dress since 2012, as well as a column  titled “Ethical Notebook by Social Concierge” in Environmental Newspaper since 2015In addition, she is writing a column article series titled “ ABCs of Mindful Fashion” since last October in a fashion business newspaper which will be released as a book later this year.


  • 05/03/2017: “Do Good to Be Happy”