Food: Friend or Foe?

August Hergesheimer | Ph.D / Abios Co., Ltd & PureShop Japan Founder & CEO / Nutritional Scientist / Anti-Ageing Specialist / Author / Whole Food Supplement Designer

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Date: Mar. 21st (Wed.), 2018

Time: 7:30pm-9pm

Tuition: 4,000yen

Do you count calories, worry about cholesterol, think any oil is to be avoided for your weight loss, order soy and pay the extra, and/or weigh yourself and interpret the number as a reflection of your success in being “fit”? Do you starve yourself throughout the day when you know you will be stuffing yourself later? Do you crave certain food when you’re in a certain mood or the reverse?

If you obsess about what you put in your mouth one way or another, it’s time to end the madness with correct information on food as it is the most effective factor that contributes to a healthy, happy lifestyle. After all, each one of us has already allotted time every day and a budget towards our meals. Why not simply use those meals to help nourish yourself both physically and mentally? You can boost your energy and mood – even rejuvenate an aging body no matter how old you are, just by choosing the correct food and understanding the optimal times in the day to eat.

August looks forward to answering all of your questions, hoping that his 37 years of pursuing the truth of human nutrition and optimal health will help enlighten you to avoid the many myths advertised as being healthy, amidst today’s information overload.

“Effort alone is never enough. Effort applied with the correct knowledge provides results.”         August Hergesheimer

This workshop aims to show you:

The difference between different kinds of food that must be consumed daily and food that must be avoided at all costs

The bright truth about oil, calories and cholesterol

The dark truth about gluten, dairy, soy and sugar (including brown sugar, honey, etc.!)

The real connection between what we eat, how we feel, and how we look

How to cheat right


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