Finding Love & Thriving in Your Relationship

Irene Tomoe Cooper | International Love Coach / PRESENT Inc. President / #1 Bestselling Author / Female Tony Robbins / Marriage Consultant Agency Ex-COO

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Date:  Feb. 28th (Wed.), 2018

Time: 7:30pm-9pm

Tuition: 4,000yen

From Irene

“In this workshop, I will be helping you bring success in the love relationships you have most likely achieved at a high level in so many other areas of your life, using my unique, international experience. Career and romance don’t have to be separate sides of your life; instead, they can be interwoven into a delicious whole that is in harmony, making your life a joyous and unforgettable adventure!

“You know it’s what you want – don’t hesitate to seize the moment! My passion is to show you exactly how to do it right so you can not only create but also keep a meaningful union with the love of your life!

“Also, I will share how you can show up in the world as your true, authentic self so you can let love touch you in a way you have never experienced… Believe me – you CAN and WILL have it all!”

From FYE & our community to Irene:

“We would like to express our deepest gratitude and respect for the amazing work you do for all of us, despite having received terminal stage IV diagnosis after a 2-year struggle with breast cancer. Instead of living every day being distraught and defeated, you’ve made such a courageous decision to leave your legacy of love and bliss to many of us as you can, touching so many lives with your love and secrets on how to find and thrive in relationships. You really teach us by example that only love matters in the end and that we need to make every moment count.”

This workshop aims to show you how to:

Stop the attitude of procrastination

Open your eyes and be proactive

Make sure your relationship empowers you

 Avoid carrying your partner’s baggage

Practice gratitude and appreciation to build a solid foundation


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