Finding Beauty: A Top Architect’s Discovery in Tokyo

Nov. 2nd, 2016

Riccardo Tossani | Riccardo Tossani Architecture CEO / Instrument-rated Private Pilot / Author


A truly Global citizen, Riccardo is Italian, Australian, and has spent half his life in Japan and the US. As an architect in the Renaissance tradition, Riccardo has devoted his career to creating and seeking beauty as well as meaning at all scales in the built environment, from the hidden gems in derelict Asian cities to the classic icons of urban-cultural perfection in Greece and Italy.

When his head is literally not in the clouds, he seeks beauty in the built environment at ground level, an ongoing challenge in Tokyo’s less glamorous precincts where the vast majority of its population lives. This journey of discovery and struggle to see what is not immediately obvious has profoundly changed his concept of urban beauty. It has enabled a broadening of the mind that is imperative for the survival of any aesthete in Japan. [Full bio]

Official sites: http://tossani.comFacebook and Wikipedia

As a “Find Your Element” Leader, Riccardo will deliver a 90-minute Workshop on ” Finding Beauty: A Top Architect’s Discovery in Tokyo.” Broadening the mind, enabling “out-of-the-box” thinking and keeping ones vision “fresh” relies heavily on a state of consciousness that eschews preconceptions and avoids cultural judgments.  Riccardo will share his techniques to maintain an inquisitive  “state of being” that allows for constant discovery, by creating a work-life balance with simple and sometimes life-threatening activities. These include:

  • Self re-invention through regular life-changing experiences
  • Exploiting multi-lingualism and multi-culturalism to look at the same thing from different perspectives
  • Studying and living cultural histories
  • Dancing with danger and occasional near-death experiences