Fake It till You Make It

Apr. 19th | 19:30-21:00 | 4,000yen

Hideharu Taira | Chairman & CEO at Classe Capital Advisor Co., Ltd / Ex-JPMorgan Securities Japan Co. Executive

PR Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=99RQ9d5ytY4

Hideharu Taira was born in 1965. He graduated from Tokyo University of Foreign Studies with a major in linguistics. He is multilingual: the languages being Japanese, English, Italian, and Pakistan (Urdu).

In 1989, he joined Fuji Bank currently called Mizuho Bank. In 1993, he became the  assistant vice president of Marketing Sales Division Surveyor. In 1996, he was head hunted by Merrill Lynch Securities to its New York headquarters and became the first Japanese in history to become an US Treasury trader, the star position in a securities industry where he remained highly active on Wall Street.

In 1999, Hideharu returned to Japan to its Tokyo branch as the head of Japanese Bond Trading. In 2001, he moved to JP Morgan as a Japanese youngest managing director (MD) and assumed his position at its office as the head of Japanese government bond trading headquarters. In 2003, he was appointed as Japan Interest and Foreign Exchange Global Head & Trading Headquarters and was the General Manager of Yen currency transaction in Tokyo, London, and New York market.

Hideharu retired from trading world in 2007 and established Classe Capital Group in the same year. He is currently the Chairman and Representative Director, who is responsible for nine companies within the group.

In his private life, he has been a single dad since his divorce in 2007, raising his two boys who are both enrolled in an international school. His typical day consists of waking up at 4 o’clock every morning to go jogging for 5km and to make lunch boxes for the boys.

As a Find Your Element Leader, Hideharu Taira’s workshop will aim to:

  • Help you nurture a global mind
  • Make you realize your infinite possibilities
  • Help you enjoy the journey of life
  • Explain how to choose people who are authentic
  • Create opportunities for yourself and change yourself by these opportunities
  • Enjoy the changes between public/business life and private life.
  • Fake it till you make it!!!