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    Musician/Artist/Flower Alchemist/Survivor/Facilitator

    Born in New York City to Russian diplomat parents, Elizaveta grew up in Moscow, where she started playing the piano and writing songs at the tender age of 5. She has fond memories of a childhood enveloped in music; however, that ethereal world was disturbed by the results of a major head trauma she received as a baby. The incident left her with a  mild case of synesthesia and prone to dramatic episodes of sleepwalking.

    At 16, she left home and began a journey across Europe, singing and playing piano in bars and nightclubs, merely to make ends meet. Along the way, she studied herbal alchemy at an Italian monastery, where the first seeds correlating the healing power of nature to the body and soul were planted. She also attended the prestigious Prague Academy of Music, where she refined her technique, before following her gypsy star to Los Angeles, where she graduated from the University of Southern California with a degree in opera and music composition.

    Elizaveta’s interest in healing was intensified after a severe nervous breakdown in her mid 20s, which shut down all her creative endeavors, and resulted in three years of writer’s block. She credits this dark time to a renaissance of self-introspection and discovery, a conduit to her reawakened sense of self-awareness, and new creative purpose. In 2011, she signed a major record deal with Universal Music. There in 2012, under the tutelage of multi-Grammy award winning producer Greg Wells (Adele, Rufus Wainwright, Katy Perry and Elton John), she released her first album. ‘Beatrix Runs’ featured the single and iTunes song of the week, ‘Dreamer’. Her debut introduced Elizaveta’s “5th Element of Pop” style, as she mixed opera with electronica, classical and soul.

    Elizaveta left Universal in 2014 to pursue an independent career path. She established her own record label, ‘Flower Army Records,’ and released the self-written, arranged and produced EP, ‘Hero.’ The success of the EP’s title track led to more opportunities, including multiple performances of the TED stage, and to her music being featured in films/TV, including “Pretty Little Liars,” “So You Think You Can Dance,” and “Scandal.” She even had a cameo role as the bard in singing in the award-winning video game Dragon Age-Inquisition.

    While in LA in 2015, she developed a workshop entitled “From Dreamer to Hero,” which incorporates her signature songs to navigate the “Hero’s Journey.” She uses her unique story to illuminate how creativity, curiosity, and courage can transport us beyond our fears and traumas. More recently, Elizaveta has launched a mentoring and consulting practice, and has assisted as a musical facilitator in diverse environments, including educational and corporate settings. The last year was also a prolific one for her music, heralding her new album “Messenger,” as well as a Russian language album, a Japanese language EP, and a Chinese single. Elizaveta is now based in Japan, studying Japanese and preparing for new adventures!



    Feedback from our workshop participants:

    A. M. “Elizaveta was absolutely amazing! She has a flawless, soothing, serene voice. Hearing her up so close made me cry which took me by surprise. It was so powerful to feel Elizaveta evoke so many emotions just by singing and playing one song!  I also loved all that she shared and taught us about what our own voices and the power of music. I learned practical skills using my own voice and music which I now consciously incorporate in my daily life to uplift me or relax me. Thank you so much, Elizaveta!!”

    R.D. “Can I simply say what an aid to find someone who really knows what she’s speaking about on the internet! She knows how to carry an issue and teach so we can learn from it. More people need to read this and perceive this aspect of her story. Elizaveta is truly blessed to have this gift.”

    RR and AR: We greatly enjoyed Elizaveta’s WS and left feeling uplifted after her singing exercises! My daughter, who is in a choir, genuinely enjoyed meeting Elizaveta and confirming what she knows instinctively to be a truth, “Music is the elixir of life.” Elizaveta’s comprehensive information regarding the benefits of music especially documented through the science of the vagus nerve was extremely interesting. By singing/humming, which stimulates the vagus nerve, a nerve that courses throughout the body, we can give ourselves a whole body massage. This in turn, helps us to reduce stress by lowering cortisol, which helps fight depression. As an added benefit, the vagus nerve communicates with the microbiome of the gut which means, instead of the proverbial “apple a day, keeps the doctor away,” we should all be singing a song a day instead! It was also a delight to be serenaded in such an intimate environment. Thank you for the amazing experience!

    Elizaveta’s videos

    Her workshop: “From Dreamer to Hero: Realizing Your Element through Music”