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    Efrot Weiss

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    Efrot Weiss
    Cross-cultural trainer / Facilitator / Coach

    Efrot has been working as a cross-cultural trainer, facilitator and coach for over 14 years. She coaches men and women from all over the world in determining how to be successful in a cultural environment different from their own. 

    As a personal coach and facilitator, she works with groups and individuals in defining and realizing their goals and aspirations. She is the co-creator of the Being and Becoming workshop, designed to help women identify and express their core values and top priorities and create a life grounded in these beliefs. 

    She also facilitates and trains boards of not for profit organizations, large multinational corporations and Japanese companies.

    Efrot is an organizer of the Hanasu speaker series, a forum focusing on challenges one encounters in everyday life.

    Her workshop: “Dreams Come True – Defining Your Element”