Curiosity Cannot Lie: Justification Can

Sept. 14th, 2016

Sarah Furuya | Clever Rebels Curious Corporates CEO/ex-President of FEW

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Sarah is a native of Liverpool, UK and followed her curiosity to Japan in May 2001. For one year. After a spell teaching at freelance teaching in Tokyo and at Waseda University, she joined a corporate training company with an emphasis on coaching style and two incredible mentors, working mainly with Microsoft where she found her curiosity for coaching, for business and for problem solving. She was president of FEW Japan from 2011-2013 and in 2012 took the leap and started her own small business, coaching and facilitating.

She has BSc in Human Biology and Psychology, is certified in Saville, Lumina and Insights Discovery psychometrics and uses Byron Katie’s “The Work” in her coaching practice. Mostly she is committed to reducing justification and judgement and following curiosity to greater truth, self-awareness and a better experience of life, business and relationships. [Full bio]

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As a “Find Your Element” Leader, Sarah will deliver a 90-minute Workshop on “Curiosity Cannot Lie: Justification Can.”

This Workshop will aim to teach you how to:

  • Follow your curiosity
  • Lean into your intuition
  • Question what is “the right thing”
  • Use you your body (as well as your head) as a tool to register curiosity and aid decision-making
  • Dial up your intuition and more!

7:15 pm: Door Open
7:30 pm: Welcome and introduction
7:40 pm: Learn how to…
8:00 pm: Pair work and group share work
8:20 pm: Coaching
8:40 pm: Q & A.