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    Ai Futaki

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    Ai Futaki
    Mermaid / Underwater Explorer & Artist /Double Guinness World Records Holder of “The Longest Distance Swam in a Cave with One Breath” / TEDx Tokyo Speaker


    Ai’s life in water began when she was three. After studying film and documentaries in California and Cuba, she was introduced to scuba diving. Then, in 2007 at 27, she met apnea free diving: finally, the last piece of the puzzle fell into place.

    Since, Ai has been using breath-hold diving as a way to bridge the gap between the underwater world and the human world to share its beauty, harmony and symbiosis with us. Ai is a true mermaid and an underwater explorer: she holds  double Guinness World Records of the longest distance in a cave with only 1 breath. She is also an underwater cinematographer,  performer, model, speaker and instructor who represents the aquatic realm in a way that the world has never seen before. She has also won the Gold Award at the world media festival in 2012 (“Jyonetsu-Tairiku episode: Ai Futaki”) and is preparing for a new challenge at the highest altitude free-diving in the world.


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    <Major Works>

    • “Issey Miyake” Photo Book & Exhibition as an underwater model
    • Discovery Channel Asia Pacific Presenter
    • NHK “Precious Blue” Presenter
    • “Jyonetsu-Tairiku: World Media Festival Gold Award
    • SONY a7s TVCM
    • TED World Wide Talent Search Japan Finalist
    • TEDx Tokyo 2012 Speaker “The Water Connection”
    • Blancpain Photo Book “Fifty Fathoms”
    • Red Bull Magazine article “Extreme Free-Diving”

    On Wednesday November 9th, 2016,  Ai will deliver a 90-minute Workshop on “Daring Greatly.” Her Workshop will aim to:

    • Help you understand the connection between the Underworld and the Human World
    • Help you understand and apply Underwater Wisdom for a Balanced Lifestyle on Land
    • Inspire you to implement key concepts to dare greatly, without fear
    • Expose you to looking at your daily ordinary life in an entirely new way
    • Motivate you to make a difference

    Her workshop: “Daring Greatly”